Approach and Methods


The method of "Magic Shop" was invented by the founder of Psychodrama and IAGP J. L. Moreno (1889-1974) before 1940 in New York (or even before in Vienna).

Later Hanna B. Weiner (New York), Leon Fine (Saint Louis), Anne Ancelin Scuhtzenberger (Paris) and Eva Leveton (San Francisco) developed this method further on.

The "Magic Tree" is an Indian adaption of the "Magic Shop". It takes into concern, that Magic Moments are still part of the day to day life in (rural) India.

The Magic Shop / Magic Tree method helps in short term interventions in a playfull manner - mostly within a group setting - to empower the personal growth and development.

Wishfullfiling Trees you can see all over India. They are called Kalpavriksha. The idea derives from the well known Samudra Manthan story (Churning over the ocean of Milk), which is part of the Indian wisdom. And it is in daily use of millions of believers.

To get something from the tree, (a) you have to approach the tree and thus admit your need; (b) you have to be clear what you need; (c) you depict it in some way (d) you give as a symbol this wish out of your hands and out of the power of doing it yourself and hang it on the tree. (e) in many places there is a little shrine attached to the tree. In order to reach the tree properly you have to crawl through a narrow gap. All people surronding you will see it and you have to humble yourself and do some effort to become small again.

The Magic tree work uses the same: a) admid your need in apporach b) name your need c) take a symbol, d) give it away as to looses the effort of self-doing e) make some symbolic joyful journey.

There will be a difference in Wishfulfilling tree and Magic tree: a) The wishfulfilling tree mostly is approached to get children: the Magic tree will grant only attitudes, virtudes and skills, not Humans. b) After you get what you want from the wishfulfilling tree, you do pooja and offer goods to God; with the Magic tree you have to surend some of yur greatest strenght immediatly and do "Pooja" on the spot. c) With a Magic tree you even can dump difficulties and incapacities and faults (but you have to give something of value as a pooja!).

Magic Tree work was performed at Chennai on 22nd and 23rd of Feb. 2014 and will be performed at Bangalore on Jan. 6th, 2015