Terms and Conditions

Kindly read the terms and conditions of ‘VedaDrama’ to avoid misunderstanding or a needlessly unpleasant scenario, at any later stage. We sincerely believe that you must go through it thoroughly, understand and clarify the doubts, before registering with us. It is to be done at the onset of the professional relationship. It is in everybody’s interest.

Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. offers services in psychodrama education and coaching/supervision as described on www.vedadrama.com. The main psychodrama education is called: Executive Education. It is based on the Humanistic Psychodrama Approach.Psychodrama education is a single or sequence of small groups seminars with qualified
trainers to improve business performance and work-life-balance.

Participants´ mental health
Psychodrama improves mental, emotional and physical health. In few cases Psychodrama will
not be helpful during study of psychodrama for the participants. Therefore: Participants assure in oral and writing, that they are of sound mental, emotional health and are presently not undergoing psychiatric medical treatment while subscribing to the program.

Sound emotional health can include, that there had been times in life, when the participants used any form of psychotherapy and counseling for oneself to understand oneself better and for self-inquiry. This is even recommended, as Psychodrama education included to capability and wish to explore into one`s own emotions.
Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. does not give psychiatry counseling and services.

The participants will take over own responsibility for his/her own mental and emotional
growth, soundness and health at all times during education. Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. and the trainers/coaches will not be liable for health-related costs.

All information on other parties/participants the trainers and the participants get through
attending Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. seminars and education are strictly to be kept
confidential. It is a legal offense not to oblige to that.

Payment (Rates for 2020)
Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. services are prepaid services. If you pay in one installment before January 10th for a full year (full set of services of 16 or more training’s days) you can apply for some 20 % discount at the time of payment. Online payment is possible. You can opt for invoice and bank transfer as well. Cash payment is not possible. Only 10 % discount is given if fee are paid in installments.

The training day costs 5.000 Rs, discounted 4.000 Rs. Taxes as published in India on April 1st 2019 are inclusive. Tea/Coffee is inclusive but not meals/accommodation. Individual (online) supervision hours do attract 3.000 Rs. Stipends are available for a very limited number of participants on request.

Refund/Change of dates
Refund will be given for education, if cancelled at least 60 days prior to the FIRST event.
Once started (an annual education) there is no refund possible.

If the participant is sick (own sickness), a new date to participate will be mutually agreed upon within 3 months.

Any other reason of absence will not attract free possibility to participate at another date. Unannounced absence will never attract possibility of free new dates.

Additional services: Accommodation
We do not offer accommodation. But at the place at Bengaluru Wilson Garden Bose Compound (near NIMHANS Convention Centre), there are simple cottages available for rent (some 1.000 Rs/ Night). At Mangalore, you can sleep for similar rates at the Guest House Meridiyan of Yenepoya University, Deralakatte. No accommodation is offered at all other places. At New Delhi some training takes place at Aerocity with a multitude of good to excellent hotels around. At Coimbatore we meet at Asha Child at Krishna Colony, at Mumbai at Andheri (W) and future groups at Chennai at Guindy (Park Hyatt). We have special rates with Hyatt/Andaz at New Delhi and Chennai.

Complaints /Ethical Code
Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. is a member of IAGP, IAC and ISPS and adopted their ethical code of conduct. In addition, a complaints and grievances procedure is agreed upon with the German Partner Institute PIB-Zentrum. This includes complaints on educational and POSH issues. Participants of Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. Educational groups from Jan. 1st 2019 onward can make use of these procedures for all events/ decisions/ services under discussion, which can´t be sorted out with the local directors and trainers. Complaints have to be handed in in writing (English language) to the PIB ombudsman and will be discusses and cleared if possible, within 3 months.

There is a certification scheme for the psychodrama education up to CP (4 years 880 hours) available. This scheme is similar to the international standards of the ASGPP – ABE, FEPTO and TAP (American Association for Group- Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations, Taiwan Association for Psychodrama) and is matching the standards of IAGP and IAC. Vedadrama with other Indian partners is on the way to create an own Indian Board for Psychodrama. In the unlikely case, that the certification can´t be given the oral exam can be repeated once after 12 months.