Fundamentals of Psychodrama

Authors: von Ameln, Falko, Becker-Ebel, Jochen

Offers a comprehensive hands-on guide to psychodrama
Provides step-by-step descriptions of psychodrama techniques, with indications/contraindications and FAQs
Includes practical examples of applying psychodrama in therapeutic and non-therapeutic contexts
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This book offers a comprehensive guide to psychodrama, including the underlying philosophy, methodology, theory and applications. Taking readers through the process of staging a psychodrama session, from the contracting phase, exploration and enactment to closure and integration, the book also presents brief short examples to illustrate how to choose the best methodological approach for any context, and describes in detail the various psychodrama techniques and their application in practice, with indications, contraindications, typical pitfalls and FAQs. The book demonstrates that psychodrama is not merely a collection of methods and techniques and that the potential of psychodrama cannot be fully utilized without an in-depth knowledge of its conceptual foundations. With examples from a range of practices, it shows the broad applicability of psychodrama in therapeutic and non-therapeutic contexts alike, e.g. in educational contexts (school and adult education), social work, organization development, coaching and many other fields. This easy-to-read book uses jargon-free language and will appeal to psychotherapy researchers and practitioners, as well as non-therapeutic professionals like human resource consultants and life coaches. This is a translated and revised edition of the best-selling German book Psychodrama: Grundlagen (Springer, 2014, 3rd edition).

Psychodrama in Counselling, Coaching and Education

Series Editors: Becker-Ebel, Jochen, Giacomucci, Scott

ISSN: 2662-5490
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The series situates psychodrama studies and research in Asia and beyond in a global context. It provides a unique and innovative resource for the latest developments in the field, nurturing a comprehensive and encompassing publication venue for humanistic psychodrama and sociodrama in therapy and coaching. The series publishes peer-reviewed volumes related to therapy, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, HRD, team development and education including training. The series reflects on cultural creativity and new developments beyond J L Moreno in the second century of the existence of Psychodrama. The editor, with the assistance of distinguished scholars from Asia and elsewhere specializing in a variety of disciplinary and thematic areas, welcomes proposals that are related to the above-mentioned wide-ranging psychodrama studies. The series promotes the understanding of psychodramatic tools which are relevant in education, coaching, and team development. The series will appeal to researchers, clinicians/practitioners, and graduate students in the behavioral, social, medical, psychological and MBA sciences as well as leaders in Education, Corporate world and politics. It accepts monographs, edited volumes, and textbooks.