Sunitha Krishnamurthi

I’ve been in training with Vedadrama for two years now and it’s been amazing. I’ve worked with more cognitive frameworks in the past and I find psychodrama to be a refreshingly non-cognitive approach to understanding self. It’s playful and fun yet deep and insightful at the same time. Personally, I’ve benefited a lot from being part of the learning group.
As someone who works in the space of leadership development with corporates, I see a lot of application for psychodrama in the work I do as well as in therapy work with groups and individuals.
All the facilitators are highly accomplished at both therapy and teaching. They are committed to developing high standards of performance in their trainees and the structure of the two year course allows for skills to be built steadily. Jochen’s passion for growing psychodrama in the country is evident in every interaction with him. It’s been a joy learning with him and Klaus.