Piyush Dixit

Psychodrama is a unique and powerful process that enables deep and profound healing and growth in individuals. It generates options for them to address problems emanating from intra-personal or inter-personal issues. It is a highly creative and spontaneous process, deceptively simple in its application.  Psychodrama techniques work with almost any personal or professional situation.
Psychodrama helped me personally in enhancing my relationship with my family members. I have started applying Psychodrama principles and techniques like Sociometry, Role Interview and Doubling even with my clients. I enabled them to achieve significant growth in their personal and professional lives.
Jochen is a highly experienced Psychodrama director. He leverages a very potent combination of creativity, spontaneity, skill and technique to produce a unique and masterly performance every time, all the time. He leverages his deep knowledge of Indian mythology, scriptures and rituals to adapt very effectively to the socio-cultural context of any situation.