Vedadrama is an Indian way of Psychodrama and Sociometry.

Psychodrama, formed in the 1920s by J. L. Moreno in Vienna and New York enriches creativity and spontaneity. In life-coaching, team building and leadership skills inherited hidden resources will be strengthened by enacting surplus reality solutions. Vedadrama explores in the interaction of Indian tradition (like Vedas) and psychodramatic values.

Vedadrama India Pvt. Ltd. offers regular train-the –trainer courses at the training centers at Bangalore and Hamburg (57 days). New shorter train-the-trainer seminars (4 times 2 days) start at New Delhi, Bangalore and Dubai in January 2017 and at Hamburg in March/April 2017 and at Chennai in summer 2017.

The trainers of Vedadrama Pvt. Ltd. are imparting their knowledge, attitude and skills through in-house workshops in cooperate sector as well.

Indians like to play and psychodrama is on “playing” one´s own life drama on a therapeutical stage. Bollywood isn´t the only place where Indians celebrate music, dance and drama. This inherited attitude reaches out even to the smallest South-Indian villages outside the temple town Tiruvannamalai, where Jochen Becker-Ebel lived for six years. He knew: Psychodrama would just be the fitting system to such villagers. Due to his sound knowledge of Indian and its spirituality and his cooperation with leading Indian psychodramatists like Dr T. T. Srinath, Mr. Becker-Ebel established an inculturated way of psychodrama teaching and performing called: Vedadrama.

The late Leif Dag Blomkvist, Founder of the Swedish Psychodrama Institute tried to do this in similar ways at Mumbai and New Delhi since 1996 together with the Indo-German Psychologist and Psychodrama Teacher Savita Dhawan. But only in the last three years Indians and Western Psychodrama Directors established succeeded to establish full-fledged training programs.

J. Becker-Ebel believes that Psychodrama can enrich India and Indian psychodrama can enrich the West as well. He is leading five groups of 12 and 14 psychodrama – students at Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai. He and his cotrainers / directors like Klaus Ernst Harter, Savita Dhawan conduct workshops, which are certified under the FEPTO standards (European Federation of Psychodrama Instituts) with the German Moreno Institute GmbH Edenkoben-Überlingen.

What is the special thing about “Vedadrama”?

Magic Tree work: An Indian way of the known psychodramatic Magic Shop work. There are a lot of wish-fulfilling trees all around the country side in India, called Kalpavriksha. The ideas derives from the well known Samudra manthan story (Churning of the Ocean of Milk), which is part of the Indian general knowledge like our Bible or the fairy tales of Brothern Grimm. And it is in daily use of millions of believers.

Integration of Spirituality and Gods: Not only in Biblio-Drama and in the direct following of Morenos example the protagonist can choose to be God or add the needed God(s) in his play as role supports, antagonists (or even: syntagonist, as Zerka Moreno express the term). To play to be “God” Moreno seems to have liked from young. And it will become a much more accepted and easy to include part of future psychodrama as well, as most Indians like to play to “be God”. It is quite common on festivals like Holi, which now is known in the West as well. Moreover the rich tradition of colorful stories from the Mahabharata and the Vedas will add to the possibilities of psychodrama in India and in the world.

Integration of Indian concepts. The Indian concept of Maya expresses clearly, why the change of attitude within a being can transform the outer world as well, as only one´s own perception is needed to be change as to change the whole. And: J. L. Morenos idea of tele is understood in a split second –as Indians feel more interconnected to each other due to their spiritual background and believe in the interconnectedness of soul(s). The concept of Maya might be strongly related to Morenos way of working with the protagonist as an individual and help him to overcome the projections on others as to improve relationship – even without the person/partner present.

Finally Vedadrama will be spiritual. The same like Moreno (Jewish spirituality and may be more) and the concept of tele (which is more than just empathy, but even get some feel for one another, as we belong to the One) and the final goal of mankind (sociatry; Sanathana Dharma).

All seminars are certified with the internationally renounced Moreno Institut gGmbH, Edenkoben Überlingen, Germany and conducted by certified psychodrama trainers (see: Team).

Please note: Vedadrama is a registered trademark, not for excluding anybody, but for finding out together, how it will work and sharing this on a professional level steadily improving.

Vedadrama Pvt. Limited is an Indian Company since 2016.