Beijing Psychodrama 2021 at the Vedadrama China Training centre

Will be postponed due to COVID 19 to summer 2022

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This workshop is particularly useful for coaches, counsellors, psychologist, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals as well as HR managers and senior leaders from non-clinical settings as education, business and professional training and offers a unique and creative way to explore and solve personal conflicts through ‘spontaneity creativity’- an invitation to enable past, present and future life events through enactment rather than talking.

Dr. J.L. Moreno’s school of psychodrama was developed in the 1920s as a group psychotherapy movement, it is one of the generic names when talking about the range of action methods Moreno and his wife Zerka Moreno developed. Largely dependent on 5 elements – the protagonist, the stage, the auxiliary egos, the director and props, psychodrama leads you to stages where magic is possible.

About Trainer

CP Psychodrama and sociometry, Senior Trainer PIB Zentrum CPC,
Leadership That Works (USA) OD Consultant & Founder,
Dialog Services Author ‘Managing your Boss’ (available in EN, Mandarin & Bahasa Indonesia)
& ‘The Lion Smiled at the Rabbit’.

Rashmi Datt started her training and consulting practice in 1993 after working with Pfizer for 8 years. Now, 27 years later, she brings a depth of expertise in working with a diverse group including CXOs in corporates, leaders in educational institutions as well as prison inmates in supporting them in their personal and professional growth.

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